How to Properly Use Stock Images on a Business Website

Using stock images for business can be frustrating because it can be hard to find professional looking photographs. In addition, the selected images may not be appropriate for their intended purpose, such as using natural scenery images to sell real estate. Here are three tips for correctly using images on a business website.

Edit Images

Whether you need to add text or resize them, you should edit images so they fit the specific needs of a project. A caption on the image could advertise a product for sale or emphasize a point within an article. The image can also be edited for size or you could crop it to form a different shape, such as a circle, to better fit a space.

Aim at Audience

When you use images on a website, or printed materials, aim them at your target audience. For instance, if your products are made for those who love the outdoors, then scenic images would be appropriate. Consider age, hobbies, income and lifestyle when using images to attract the attention of those in your target demographic.

Optimize Images

To help searchers find your website or products, optimize the stock images you’ve chosen with keywords in the caption. You can also use a keyword in the image’s file name to make it easier to locate. Avoid putting images to the left on the page as it breaks the reading line, which many people find annoying.

It is also important to find the right image for the article, blog post or any other content on the website. Try to avoid using images just to break up text on the page as the image should always match the content on the webpage. Some of these tips can help increase your site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for potential customers to find your site.